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KAPI Residencies

Temple LA Study Away has arranged for KAPI Residences to provide furnished apartments to students participating in the LA Study Away program. KAPI Residences partners with various apartment communities in Los Angeles to house visiting college students in need of short-term, furnished apartments for their programs of study.  

Please note that Temple does not process applications, leases, payments or billing for LA student housing.  All of this is handled by KAPI, so students and their parents should communicate directly with the company to make arrangements.

How KAPI Works

When renting an apartment through KAPI, each student is responsible for an individual lease, and all roommates pay separately for their share of the living space and amenities. Utilities, Wi-Fi, Apple TV, and monthly cleaning services are included in the rent. Students may select their own roommates, or KAPI can assign them based on a basic, online compatibility questionnaire. 

Reservations, Leases and Payments

Due to the strong demand for student housing in LA, students must submit an online application and pay a $500 non-refundable holding deposit two months prior to arrival if they wish to be housed along with other Temple students at the same apartment community.  After that time, KAPI cannot guarantee availability of housing with other Temple students.  

Apply here:

Approximately 20 days prior to move-in, KAPI will send each student a leasing agreement.  At this time, you will need to pay a one-time, $250 placement fee and the first month’s pro-rated rent. 

For each subsequent month, rent will be due on the 1st of each month, along with an $85 per month parking fee if you have requested a parking spot.

Housing Costs

  • Option 1 - Shared bedroom with shared bathroom in a 2BR apartment = $1,600/mo.
  • Option 2 - Private bedroom with private bathroom in 2-BR apartment = $3,200/mo.
  • Please note that parking is an additional charge per month

KAPI Housing FAQ’S

Q: Are utilities included in the rent?

A: Yes, utilities (water, electricity, gas, high-speed Internet) are included up to $250 per apartment per month, which is usually more than enough for 4 roommates. If the cost of utilities exceeds $250 in a given month due to excess water/electricity usage, the difference will be divided equally among the residents and charged to their accounts.

Q: What about parking? Is it available at the apartment complex, and is it included in the rent?

A: Parking is available, but it is not automatically included in the rent, since some students have cars and others do not. If you need parking, please notify KAPI, and you will be charged approximately $85 per month for the spot along with your monthly rent. If you later need to cancel your parking spot, you may do so by providing KAPI with 2 weeks’ notice.  If you need to add parking, notify KAPI and they can provide a parking spot to you within 3 business days.

Q: What if I have issues or conflicts with my roommates?

A: KAPI has staff members who can assist with basic conflict resolution. However, an important component of the LA Study Away Program is professionalism and collegiality, and this extends to your residential experience as well as your academic and social activities.

Q: What time is move-in/move-out?

A: Your apartment will be available for move-in by noon on the program start date. You should plan to be moved out by 3:00PM on the last day of the program.


Other Housing Alternatives

Although residing in the same complex with other students is strongly encouraged, students are not required to stay in KAPI housing if they can independently secure a safe, convenient and reliable alternative. Those who are considering this option should speak with the LA Program Director and be aware of the following:

  • If choosing to live elsewhere, take into consideration the time it will take to get to class or to your internship.
  • Students often gather around the pool and in each other's rooms when living communally in the apartment complex. If you decide not to live there, it is important that you be proactive in expanding your social network to feel engaged with your cohort.



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