LA Study Away Digital Media Award

To support two outstanding candidates in their endeavor, we are excited to announce a competitive scholarship contest with two separate awards, each for $750. All applicants will be evaluated based on financial need, academic achievement, and work/creative experience. Recipiants will provide LA Study Away with thoughtful and informative content to be used for recruitment purposes. (Images may be shot on a phone provided they are of high quality). 

Priority is given to students who are not eligible for the Lew Klein or the CLA Internship Award.

**Deadline: Last day of program application period each semester.


  1. Full-time Temple University student

  2. Junior or senior status

  3. GPA of 3.2 or above

  4. Scholarship deliverables:

    • An "Instagram take-over" for the Film and Media Arts Instagram feed

    • A video self-portrait of your experience, how it met or changed expectations, and your anticipated next steps. (1-2 minutes. Well-produced iPhone footage is acceptable.)

    • 10-20 photographs documenting your internship and academic experience. (High quality iPhone photos are acceptable). 

Selection Process:

  1. All completed applications with supporting materials are considered.

  2. Essays are reviewed by the Program Director and the Faculty Director, and are evaluated based on content, grammar, style, and clarity.

  3. All applications are ranked based on the overall quality of their content. 

Award and Notification:

  1. The LA Study Away Digital Media Award may only be used for an LA Study Away semester.

  2. All students are notified of the status of their application via email. Recipients have one week to respond with a professional email of thanks to the Directors of the program.  If a response is not received within a week, the award will be granted to the runners-up.


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