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Historically every student in the program has found a placement, but students and parents are nevertheless concerned. We have addressed this issue below, as well as additional logistics of studying away. 


How do I apply for internships?

  • Our Internship Director, based in Los Angeles, is fully committed to helping you secure internship placements. Upon acceptance, the Internship Director will send you a handbook and request your resume and cover letter for review. Once you have updated your materials to her specifications, the Internship Director will begin providing you with lists of available placements, organized by area of interest. When you have found postings that appeal to you, the Director will assist you in applying for positions, and will be accessible for advice and consultation. 

What if I don’t get an internship?

  • Our Internship Director is in contact with numerous companies in Los Angeles. Her significant time with the program ensures that she is familiar with the culture and environment of these companies. Her work includes compiling databases of previous placements as well as student reflections on their experiences.
  • Applying for an internship is often the most anxiety producing part of your study away preparation. This is an understandable feeling. Please rest assured, however, that you will ultimately be supported and guided into a placement. The application and interview processes are designed to expand your professional skills, and the Internship Director will assist you in the process.


KAPI Residencies - Temple LA Study Away will work directly with students to secure fully furnished accommodations in the Burbank area. Please visit our Student Housing page.


Is LA Away more expensive than Philadelphia?

  • Your tuition for participating in LA Away is exactly the same as it is on main campus.
  • The lease you sign with KAPI Residencies will be your monthly responsibility .
  • Any additional costs vary per student depending on car rental, spending money, airfare, food and activities.
  • For a detailed breakdown, see our financial page here

Can I use my financial aid?

  • If you are interested in a fall or spring semester, you may apply your regular financial aid towards LA Away. You are considered “on campus” for the purposes of FAFSA.
  • If you are planning on a summer semester, you may need to apply for additional loans (Parent Plus loan etc...).
  • Regardless of semester, please meet with a Financial Aid Advisor.

Scholarships, and when will I receive it?

  • Applications for LA Study Away Scholarships are due the last day of the Program application cycle. They are not reviewed until the Program application deadline has passed, to give all students an opportunity to apply.
  • Scholarships will be applied as a credit to your Temple bill. They may not appear until the official release date of the first e-bill of the semester. (Check the bursar’s billing schedule). Should you withdraw from the program, your scholarship will be removed.
  • Remember to look for additional scholarships and funding through your school, department, and outside grants.


What about graduation?

  • If you wish to do the program in the summer following your senior year can "defer" your graduation. This allows you to walk with your cohort in May but receive your diploma after an official graduation date in August. Many students choose this option, especially if they plan on staying on the west coast after the program. If you are considering this option, meet with your academic advisor to ensure your deferral request is submitted accurately.

What about my transcript?

  • LA course credits will show up on your regular Temple transcript. 
  • Non-Temple students should verify with their department chairs that their LA Study Away credits will transfer to their home institution. Transcripts can be requested here


Please know that anxiety and stress are a normal and understandable response to preparing for the program. The amount of information you are continually given can be overwhelming and hard to sift through. Though it is hard to trust, things will fall into place. Here are a few suggestions to help you through.

  1. Read e-mails, take notes, and and then reread the e-mail later. It's is a lot to take in at once.
  2. Make a timeline for yourself. This will help keep you on track as well as remind you that you don't need to panic. Remember that most interns are placed only one or two months ahead of time, and sometimes only weeks in advance. A number of students are not even interviewed until they arrive in Los Angeles. This is normal. SO, in your timeline be reasonable with when you expect to be placed.
  3. Don't be concerned if you don't hear back or are not hired immediately. These things take time. And while it is true that some positions are competitive, this doesn't mean that you will not be placed. Do not "settle" for an internship that won't interest you, but at the same time consider broadening your scope if it is overly specific. Focusing all of your attention on one company, for example, may lead to disappointment and a missed opportunity at a different but great placement.
  4. Frequently return to this FAQs page, as different things will be relevant to you as you work through this process. We tend to skip over things when they don't apply to us, but those details will become useful later. 
  5. Don't panic. If need be, contact your internship coordinator or book an appointment with FMA Study Away. We also suggest contacting peer advisors who are alums of the program. Coming from a wide variety of majors, they can be invaluable resources when it comes to questions regarding your specific interests.
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