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Students must reference the following documents to prepare for their trip to Los Angeles.

Handbooks, guides, cost sheets, housing information and more can be found below. While it may seem overwhelming to read through all of them, please look thoroughly. In order for our office to run efficiently, students should take the first steps in informing themselves. (Then we will happily help!) 

*Students: Please forward page this to your parents.

Preparing for your trip:

Survival guide

KAPI Residences - Temple LA Study Away

Navigating Los Angeles:

LA is a driving city, there's no doubt about it. It's hilly, spread out, and you never know where your internship may be. This means that 95% of our students use a car during the program, and most of them rent one from Enterprise. (Enterprise has an agreement with Temple to allow students under the age of 25 to rent with an additional surcharge from its Studio City location only).

The remaining few who do not use a car rely on Uber/Lyft and public transportation. These can be difficult to navigate, time-consuming and inconsistent, but students have successfully completed the program this way.

The following 8-page document "Transportation in LA" was painstakingly compiled by faculty, staff and alumni of the program. Make it your priority to read it carefully.

Transportation in LA
Shipping, driving, renting, Uber/Lyft, public transportation, and airport shuttles

How to Choose an Auto Transport Company
Steps for preparing and shipping your car.

LA and surrounding areas with commute times 


Temple University and Program Policies and Contracts

Roommate agreement (example)

Code of Conduct


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