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Ethan Serling | Film and Media Arts | Spring 2017
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Ethan Sterling - Student Profile


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David Cohan | Film and Media Arts | Spring 2015

My time spent with Temple's LA Study Away Program was absolutely instrumental to my future career path, and my post-college life as a whole. I had always held an interest in film production, but prior to starting the LA Program, I had no idea where I wanted to work. The program gave me insight into what working in this industry would be like, it also taught me valuable skills about applying to jobs and networking. I also had the opportunity to explore Los Angeles and figure out if it was the place for me. On top of that, I developed many important friendships, and had an absolute blast. I learned so much in class, at my internship, and just through exploring Los Angeles.

A year later, I'm currently working as a production assistant for Sony Imageworks. This was a job I never would have gotten without the help of a friend from the program, as well as my Internship Coordinator. I would recommend the LA Study Away program for anyone who wants to get a taste of what working in the field while  having a great time doing it!


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John Fahey | Film and Media Arts | Spring 2015

The best decision I've made in my life so far has been participating in the LA Study Away Program. What the program does is take all the practical knowledge you learn at Temple to another level. Going as a junior was eye-opening. Before I left, I was a student without a real direction or plan. However, after graduation,I now not only  have a sense of direction in my career, but I also have centered focus of where my life is going as well.

Lastly, everything I learned in the LA Study Away program was absolutely invaluable to me. I haven't talked to a single person who didn't like it. I encourage every student to do it, because It'll be one of the most life changing experiences in your life, and one of the most useful.


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Simone Daniels | Media Studies & Production | Spring 2015

The LA Study Away Program should be mandatory! Participating in the LA program has been a fabulous experience. It was a pleasure to gain exposure and to represent Temple in a positive way. The program is centered on career development, and upon successful completion, you are a million steps ahead of others who wait until graduation to hit the ground running. The program provided us with great resources and was supportive in a very “home away from home” manner.

I can truly say that this was the perfect way to conclude my college career. I applied every skill that I acquired along the way. Education is an investment, and knowing how much my family and I sacrificed for this experience made it beyond gratifying.

Any student considering a career in the entertainment industry should definitely pursue this opportunity. In whatever capacity, be it film, music, television, advertising, or performing arts, LA Study Away is very instrumental in helping students find their niche. By the end of the program you will have a different outlook on Hollywood. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to make Hollywood work, for you.  


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Natalia Sikora | Advertising  | Spring 2015

As the only advertising major in the program (Spring 2015), I was inspired in so many new ways I never pictured before. I was surrounded by young people who were ambitious and very talented, which really made me want to broaden my spectrum of advertising knowledge. This in turn, helped me see things in an entirely new perspective. I learned so many new things and grew as an aspiring media editor due to having the opportunity to engage in an independent study and plant my roots within the professional network at my internship.

The LA Study Away program served as the most intense, fun and experiential semester of all my time as a Temple Owl. I can't wait to move to LA after graduation, pick up where I left off and soar. I have much pride in being Temple Made and the LA Study Away Program was an experience of a lifetime!


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Seth Wozniak | Media Studies & Production  | Summer 2014

I am currently an Associate Producer at AwesomenessTV, a DreamWorks Animation owned company. One of the biggest highlights of my time at Temple University was spending a summer in the Study Away Los Angeles Program. During my time I was able to intern full-time at ATV working on set for shows including Cheerleaders, Surfers, and My Personal Code. Through these hands-on experiences I was able to improve my perspective on all stages of production and was subsequently awarded an Assistant Editor credit for one of the series I worked on.Not only was AwesomenessTV an excellent internship for improving my craft, it also elevated my network of professionals in the digital media field.

I would recommend the LA Program to any student that wants a completely differently perspective on a constantly changing field. You will have an unforgettable summer!


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Angel Clardy | Media Studies & Production  | Fall 2014

Temple's L.A. Study Away Program is a life changing experience. I was fortunate enough to utilize my time out there and obtain 3 internships and make amazing connections! I loved it so much in L.A. that I plan to move out there permanently.

The professors, advisors, and guest speakers also play an important role in your L.A. experience. They're there to help you map out your goals and aspirations and provides you with tools to achieve them. Your experience will only be as great as you make it.

Take advantage, try different things, bond with your classmates, explore, and don't be afraid to ask questions. I promise you will love every minute of it.


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James Wolak | Film and Media Arts | Spring 2015

LA is obviously a big change from Philadelphia, but luckily I didn’t do it alone. I had the rest of my classmates to help me through it, and, of course, I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for the professors and advisors.

The biggest thing for me was realizing how important networking is! The program taught me all of the skills that go along with meeting people in your field and finding work. It’s a learning process, but that’s what the semester is all about. The people working the program really have a great system with the apartments, the group activities, and the night classes. It made the transition from school to the real world much smoother!

I had a blast out there on the west coast! A key to surviving in LA is to have fun. You shouldn’t waste all of your time working!


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Sonji Milburn | Journalism | Summer 2015

Not only have I learned about the industry I am entering, I have also learned a lot about myself, by becoming more aware and realistic. The entire LA experience has taught me that the sky's the limit and that anything is possible. For the first 11 weeks, I have had amazing opportunities, from going to the Oprah Winfrey Network at a press event for a reality show, to shadowing Sandra Mitchell at KCAL9, to finally covering the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. Each of these opportunities have taught me that I am able to do anything I set my mind to.

My internship at The Mighty has made me a better journalist. Out of the five internships I have had, this is by far the best. It has more of an impact in changing lives and helping people who face challenges every day. Now that the program is over, I will be going back to Philadelphia to finish my Journalism degree and making steps to becoming a news anchor and reporter. I will definitely take what I learned in Los Angeles and apply it to my life and work.


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Kara Ganley | Film and Media Arts/Advertising | Spring 2016

This semester, I had the chance to intern at Nickelodeon Animation in the talent department. I have been learning a lot at my internship about how a television studio runs, how animation is created, and how actors are cast. I have the opportunity to interact with the executives of the company and creators of shows. I know how to prepare sides, do line counts, and take circle takes (which means selecting the best take of an actor’s voice recording for a particular line of dialog). Overall, I love my experience here at Nickelodeon and I will be very sad for it to end.

The LA program has connected to me to many people who have helped shape me to industry standards. I have had the opportunity to network with people starting off in the entertainment industry as well as those who are already established in their careers. People in the industry are willing to help if you show you're passionate, and Los Angeles is a great place to be.

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Jennifer Kauffman | Marketing | Summer 2014

My time in the Los Angeles Study Away Program during the summer of 2014 was an experience like none other. I studied marketing with a minor in management information systems and found an internship in retail at Macy's as a part of their executive development program before the start of the summer. I met a lot of great people and enjoyed learning the west coast lifestyle.

The program set me up for success by setting goals for my internship and making sure I took the necessary steps to follow through. After completion of the program I was offered a full time position in the executive development program and accepted the position. I plan to start my job in July of 2015 and I owe a lot of my success to the great support of the program and the classes I attended last summer. I am so grateful for this life changing experience.


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Caitlin Frain | Film and Media Arts | Spring 2015

My study away experience in Los Angeles was both very stressful and fun. It was overwhelming at first because everything was new, from the environment to the people to my internship, and I had a fairly heavy workload between my internship and classes. However, I also had an amazing time exploring LA and forming great friendships with people in the program.

Studying away allowed me to realize my preferences about the industry and the city of Los Angeles, and because of it, I have decided to officially move to LA.



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Ben Blechman | Media Studies & Production | Fall 2015

During my senior year at Temple, I was fortunate enough to work as a writer for a comedy show on WHIP radio. I also had the privilege to take classes with professors who have had first hand knowledge of working in television. 

Soon after graduation, I moved out to the LA area where I spent the summer working at a summer camp in Malibu. Currently I am still looking for employment in the industry, as I apply to jobs and network. I try to write as much as I can everyday so that I can improve on what I learned from Tanya's screenwriting class. I am looking forward to what's to come in my future.


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Alyssa Mckendrick | Film and Media Arts | Spring 2014

Since completing the LA Study Away program in the Spring of 2014, I have graduated from Temple, and am actively working in production. 

My experience along with the two internships in Los Angeles helped me to build my resume and gave me the chance to learn more about development and production in this industry. Through these internships I learned introductory tasks such as logging, capturing footage, and transcribing interviews. I also became comfortable performing more difficult tasks such as giving input on scripts and casting. This strengthened my production and writing skills, which helped me in producing Temple Update, Temple’s weekly-aired news program.

After returning from Los Angeles, I landed an internship at Nickelodeon in New York City in the creative advertising/on-air promotions department. After graduating I have been able to work production assistant for American Idol, as well as land job interviews with ABC and the NBC Page Program. 


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Aaron Meehan | Film and Media Arts | Fall 2015

Since I graduated Temple I have gotten a job a Grey Global, an advertising agency right in Manhattan. So far it has been great; I consider this my dream job.

 However, this opportunity would never have been possible without my time in LA. I wanted to make sure you guys knew how valuable the program has been for me. I actually had Caviar, who was working with me on my job search for a month following my return from the west. I was stubborn and determined to use my LA connections to get established in NYC. So Caviar recommended I meet with a talent agency (that mostly reps commercial directors) since they are the go between of Production Companies and Ad Agencies. So they know everyone.

 I met with them and they gave me some awesome advice. They also sent me the names and emails of the Production Heads at a dozen of the top agencies in Manhattan. Using my skills I learned LA, I set up meetings at: BBH, BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann Erickson, Grey, JWT, and Wieden+Kennedy. The first few were rough, but hey: "fail as fast as you can."

   Finally, Grey offered me a job and I have been here ever since.  Without the internship and the quality Industry Perspective class, my job hunt and current success would have been much harder to obtain. Not to mentioned what I learned about what I didn't want for my career while I was in LA.

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Jason Cominetto | Film and Media Arts | Spring 2014

Soon after graduating, I have obtained a produced writing credit.
 Upon relocating to Los Angeles; after the study away program I spent three months interning at Aldamisa Entertainment. Due to my relentless work ethic and passion for screenwriting I was noticed by my boss. He had approached me with an project currently in development and in need of a writer.
After figuring out the paperwork I spent the next two months writing the script and coordinating with the head of development and director. The script was shopped around, and while it took some time, it was eventually funded and entered pre-production.
Writing the film was an amazing experience and I can't say enough nice things about the people I worked with. It's almost surreal to imagine that it happened so fast, and I cannot wait to see the final project and find out what else this crazy town has in store for me. 










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