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TFMA Academic Advisors help you chart your course through your degree program and major, discuss academic electives, and all the policies and procedures regarding registration, withdrawals, changes of major and leaves of absence.

Please make plans to visit your academic advisor at least once per year, to make sure that you are on track.  Students who plan to study abroad need to plan early, ideally before the beginning of the sophomore year. Students interested in studying in studying away in Los Angeles or London should review the program requirements and courses.

Students preparing to graduate must file the necessary paperwork one semester prior to the graduation date. At that time, an appointment should be made with an academic advisor to complete a graduation review and application for graduation.   

Academic advisors attempt to avoid errors when advising students about their program requirements, but schools and colleges cannot assume liability for errors in advising. Therefore, students must assume primary responsibility for knowing the requirements for their degree and for acquiring current information about their academic status.

Academic Advising maintains a physical file of important documentation regarding your academic progress, but the University also provides digital tools to guide you, including the DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System).  Undergraduate students and their advisors use the DARS to plan and track a student’s academic career at Temple.  Click for more information about the DARS.

Advising Contact Info

Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts Advising Office

Mitten Hall, Suite 200 West
1913 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Information on advisors can be found at the individual degree pages HERE if enter your intended degree

Faculty Advising

The faculty is also an invaluable resource for specific information about your major as well as about graduate school or preparation for a future career in theater and related fields.

Students in the Theater Department should select a faculty advisor within their first year in the department. Students in the Department of Film and Media Arts are assigned faculty mentors. Student may change faculty advisors during their tenure in the department. Many faculty members have open sign-up sheets on their office doors for students in need of advising throughout the semester.     

Advising Forms for Special Circumstances 

Students occasionally may need to withdraw from a class, take a leave of absence or request a program change. Students should discuss any special situation with their academic advisor, their instructors and Student Financial Services to determine the best course of action before proceeding. The forms for these special situations can be found online on the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies' site.

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