MFA in Acting

Temple University offers an MFA in Acting for professionals interested in achieving personal growth as artists and teachers. The program provides classical training based on the conservatory model. The objective of the graduate acting program is to produce creative, skilled, and knowledgeable professionals in the various disciplines of theater, television and film. The program is ideal for artists who have dealt with the challenges of a professional career and are now would like to gain greater mastery of their craft, as well as the ability to teach those skills to others.

The Temple University approach to training professional actors is unique. It is based on two core principles. Firstly, through learning how to teach, the actor is forced to analyze his own technique in a deeper and more thorough way. Secondly, our focus is on creating world-class theater by building an ensemble approach to the work. The faculty firmly believes that the model of an ensemble of artists is the key to fostering not only personal growth, but also ensuring the positive evolution of theater in America.

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo (2014)

Course of Study

The completion of 60 credits is necessary for the MFA in Acting. The degree can be completed over the course of three years, excluding summers. Graduate assistantships are available.

Course Work Includes:

Acting Practicum

Teaching in Higher Education

Seminar in Dramatic Literature

Vocal Production for the Actor

Speech for the Actor

Movement for the Actor

Rehearsal & Performance

Projects in Acting

Classes are small and allow for individual instruction. Students may choose to take elective courses from the other departments within the university.

Learn more about the curriculum in the Graduate Bulletin.

Admissions Information

The next eligible entrance date is Fall 2018, and applications can be submitted beginning in September 2017. To be considered, please submit a complete application no later than January 15, 2018. Information on application requirements and the audition process can be found under Theater Admissions.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the Head of Graduate Acting, Professor Lynne Innerst at

If you have questions about the admission process, please contact Paury Flowers at

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