The undergraduate curriculum, including the Theater Major (BA)Musical Theater Major (BFA), and Technical Production and Management Major (BFA), is designed to develop within students the creative, cognitive, communication and entrepreneurial skills that will prepare them as citizens of the world and artists contributing to the development of the future of theater in the 21st century.

We hope to inspire our students to fulfill their creative potential within an ever more interdisciplinary artistic environment that is responsive to tomorrow's marketplace and the future needs of our multiple communities.

Concentrations within the Theater Major allow students to focus on a specific area of study including

The Department of Theater also offers: 

  • A flexible BA in Theater Studies that gives students a holistic approach to the theater and still allows for auditions for any production. 
  • A customizable BFA in Technical Production Management that allows students to focus on their area of interest backstage. 
  • Theater Education 4+1 program that provides a BA in Theater, a Master of Education degree, certification in both English and Theater in the state of PA for grades 7-12...all in five years.

20 credit-hour minor is available to undergraduate students from other departments and colleges. The minor is intended to give some broad introduction in theater followed by a small amount of specialization. Learn more about the requirements of a minor on the Undergraduate Bulletin.

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