Diamond Screen: MFA Thesis Screening

Diamond Screen: MFA Thesis Screening

Sep 28, 2022

Diamond Screen: MFA Thesis Screening
Wednesday, September 28, 2022 @ 5pm – at THE REEL
Student Center – 1755 N. 13th Street

The Film and Media Arts MFA program produces some of the leading voices in narrative, documentary, transmedia, and experimental film.  Among our graduate students are winners of the prestigious Princess Grace Award, Sundance fellows, and individuals named to Filmmaker magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film lists.

This screening presents wonderful work by our amazing MFAs including:

  • Bad Maggie - Angelena McCloskey
  • Superglue - Erika Lobati
  • The American Thieves - Danial Khan
  • FIN - Bobby Austin The Bootyshort Revolution - Cameron Joy Gray
  • Mary Poppin’s Penguins - Harold Batista
  • Everything You Owe Me - Tommy Butler
  • She Does Not Smile - Zardosht Afshari 

Event is Free and open to the public PLEASE RSVP here

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