Diamond Screen: Women's Film Festival

Diamond Screen: Women's Film Festival

Mar 14, 2024

Women's Film Festival
March 14 2024 @ 5pm – at THE REEL

Student Center – 1755 N. 13th Street

Now in its eighth year, the Women’s Fest, collectively organized by Diamond Screen and the Mise en Femme student group, features a juried selection of a few of the many fantastic films created by women writers, directors and cinematography students in the Film and Media Arts department. 

In previous years, Women’s Fest winners have gone on to be featured in elite festivals around the country. 

Event is Free and open to the public. RSVP HERE

Too Much by Stella Gownley
Unknown by Victoria Raczkowski
Little Pleasures by Dai Boschini
Bite Me by Maya Corwin
By Herself by Meli Huizar
Julia Baby by Victoria Wilcox
Since The Sandbox by Victoria Wilcox
Roadkill by Grace Sullivan
Late Night Laundry by V. Harshini Buddhiraju
Last Man on Earth by Juliana Capece
L'ANGE DÉCHU by Brooke Minnich
Thinking It Over by Elliet Schriver
It's So Unfair by Meredith Hunter
My Real by Jelly Galapo

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