Temple Theaters Digital: IVANOV by Anton Chekhov

Temple Theaters Digital: IVANOV by Anton Chekhov

Sep 11-12, 2020

Temple Theaters Digital Presents:

IVANOV by Anton Chekhov
translated by Paul Schmidt
Directed by Marcus Giamatti

September 11-12 @ 7:30 pm

This production will be FREE --

RESERVE NOW: https://www.onthestage.com/show/temple-university-school-of-tfma/ivanov-98077

Nikolai Ivanov is in terrible trouble. Riddled with debt and in danger of losing his estate, he is also incapable of controlling his descent into depression.  He has fallen out of love with his terminally ill wife Anna (who has sacrificed so much to be with him) and has given over to a moroseness which even the attention of a beautiful new lover cannot assuage. Known as the "Russian Hamlet", IVANOV is Chekhov's earliest theatrical success, featuring some of his most raw and lyrical language. It's an achingly humorous and relatably melancholic story of a sensitive soul whose choices make him out to be a villain when all he deeply desires is to follow his heart. One of the original theatrical anti-heroes, Ivanov navigates questions of love and life as he wrestles with introspection, mental illness, and the repercussions of reveling in the tragic when so much beauty exists in the world.  


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