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The Department of Film and Media Arts' tiered programs offer options for students to pursue a degree in Film and Media Arts to their level of interest. The department offers Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Directing, Media Arts and Screenwriting; Bachelor of Arts degrees with concentrations in Cinematography, Post-Production, Producing and Screen Studies; as well as a general Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Arts and a minor in Screen Studies. Students initially enroll in the Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Arts, and then may apply for the other programs listed above in the spring of their sophomore year.  

The BFA requires a minimum of 70 credits of FMA instruction, while the BA with production concentrations requires 60 credits in the department. Students can also pursue the new concentration in Screen Studies which explores the history, cultural significance, and aesthetics of film. The department also offers a BA without a concentration for students who want flexibility in their studies. The new range of degree programs will better prepare undergraduates for the increased competitiveness and professional opportunities in the film and media arts industry. 

Film students look into videocam viewfinder

The department brings in guest media makers and visiting professors from diverse backgrounds for special lectures and workshops. Students may also select elective courses from other departments in such areas as theater, dance or music. A highly recognized graduate program offers undergraduate students numerous opportunities to work on advanced productions and participate in advanced research in the field.

The Department of Film and Media Arts also offers a 19-22 credit-hour minor which is available to undergraduate students from other departments and colleges. The Screen Studies Minor provides students the the opportunity to sample the aesthetics, history, and cultural significance of moving-image media. Learn more about the requirements of a minor on the Undergraduate Bulletin

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