The objective of the undergraduate curriculum, including the Theater Major (BA) and Musical Theater Major (BFA), is to develop within students the creative, cognitive, communication and entrepreneurial skills that will prepare them as citizens of the world and artists contributing Photo of Sweeney Toddto the development of the future of theater in the 21st century. We hope to inspire our students to fulfill their creative potential within an ever more interdisciplinary artistic environment that is responsive to tomorrow's marketplace and the future needs of our multiple communities.

The undergraduate curriculum is intended to combine outstanding liberal arts classes with intensive theater studies. The department requires that all undergraduate students take a broad foundation of theater classes and also have the opportunity for more specialized theater studies as they progress through the program. Students also participate in the extensive department production programs. These opportunities onstage, front of the house, and backstage are a natural and important extension of classroom work.

The successful student graduates from the program with excellent communication skills, a broad-based liberal arts background, developed abilities within the discipline of theater, the appreciation of a commitment to artistry, and the life-learning capacities that will enable success in a wide variety of future endeavors. Our alumni are not only successful artists in theater and all of the entertainment industries, but they are also leaders in many other fields.

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Theater Concentrations

The department offers five concentrations for students in the theater major:

Students are not required to pursue an area specific concentration. Students who do not select a concentration are considered to be pursuing a Theater Studies Sequence. Theater Studies allows students the maximum flexibility. Students can select varied coursework within the department, pursue a minor or double major, and participate in several extracurricular clubs.

The Theater Studies Sequence prepares students to enter graduate programs or pursue careers in theater, other entertainment industries and fields.  It is within this sequence that entrepreneurial students, the student who wishes to explore future interdisciplinary linkages, or those most interested in playwriting, might best fit.  The student who follows the Theater Studies Sequence may select any courses offered by the department as long as required prerequisites are completed with applicable proficiencies as indicated in some courses, by a grade of C or better.

Theater Studies Sequence students must complete the Theater Foundation Courses.  They are encouraged to meet with a Department of Theater faculty member to discuss their goals and to develop a selection of courses that will best prepare them to achieve their professional aspirations after graduation.

The Department of Theater also offers a 20 credit-hour minor which is available to undergraduate students from other departments and colleges. The minor is intended to give some broad introduction in theater followed by a small amount of specialization. Learn more about the requirements of a minor on the Undergraduate Bulletin.

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