Theater Education 4+1 Program

The Theater Education 4+1 Program allows students to earn a bachelor of arts in theater, with a focus on theater education, a masters of education degree, a super-minor in English, certification to teach in secondary schools in Pennsylvania, and perform a semester of student teaching in a high school setting. The 4+1 allows students to begin taking graduate level courses in their junior and senior year leaving only 19 credit hours of graduate work in the final year after earning the BA in theater.

The program prepares students for professional careers in theater education and outreach. These promising educators are budding artists who are drawn to the academic setting, children's theater, and educational programs of theaters across the country in an capacity to reach people of all ages as teaching artists; collaborate with youth theater organizations across the country; teach in middle and high schools; manage arts programs at recreation centers, camps or private schools; and many other occupations available to motivated theater artists.

Those interested in Theater Education Program should contact Professor Matthew Miller, Head of Theater Education at

The Crucible (2013)

Course of Study

Students in the Theater Education Program must complete the following curriculum in addition to the department requirements.

Theater Foundation Courses (35 credit hours)^

Theater Core Courses (21 credit hours)

Lighting for Theater

Stage Management I

Introduction to the Director’s Art

Methods of Teaching Artistry

Methods of Teaching Theater

Plus additional theater and musical theater electives, to be approved by program head.

English Core Course (21 credit hours)

Survey of English Literature, Beginning – 1660

Survey of English Literature, 1660 – 1900

Survey of American Literature I

Survey of American Literature II

Shakespeare (or) Advanced Shakespeare

Introduction to Linguistics (or) History of English Language

African-American Literature I (or) II

Education (31 credit hours)*

Models of Teaching

Adolescent Development

Teaching Composition in Secondary School

Literacy and Differentiation (7-12 grades)

Foundations of Language Teaching

Student Teaching & Seminar

Research Methods

Plus additional education courses

^ The 9 credit-hour required elective concentration is fulfilled by English core courses.

*Education courses are taken beginning the third year. Graduate degree requires additional full year of study, including two summers.

Notes on the concentration: Prerequisite courses are required for admission into some higher-level courses.

For a suggested five-year course of study in the Theater Education Program, please see the Undergraduate Bulletin.


For students who transfer from other departments, schools and universities, there are several alternative routes to fulfill the Theater Education Program that can be discussed with your theater advisor and/or the Head of Theater Education.

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