The bachelor of arts degree in theater may be conferred upon a student by recommendation of the faculty and by satisfactory completion of a minimum of 124 credit hours. Students must complete:

All students are required to complete Temple University's General Education (GenEd) curriculum.Holly Grum in Odd Girl Out (2014)

All students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses. The theater foundation courses with the writing intensive designation are Introduction to Theater Process and World of the Play.

Department of Theater foundation courses with a grade of C or better in each course.

No more than 20 credits of work in the major field may be transferred from another institution. Students must complete at least 16 semester hours of theater instruction at Temple University.

All theater majors must pass the placement tests in English and mathematics. A student who fails any one of these tests must successfully complete English 0701 and the required mathematics course(s).

Foundation Courses

These courses form the foundation of the Bachelor of Arts in Theater program.

Creativity: Basic

Introduction to Theater Process

Acting I

Welcome Backstage

Introduction to Design

History of the Theater I

History of the Theater II

World of the Play

Production Practicum (see below)

Additionally theater students are required to take an art history course, which may also satisfy the university’s General Education: Arts requirement.

Students also must complete a 9 credit-hour required elective concentration, a subject of interest to the student. Some theater concentrations, such as the Directing Concentration, have specified areas of study for the required elective concentration. Check the concentration course of study or discuss options with your advisor.

Learn more about the requirements of the major on the Undergraduate Bulletin.

The Cast of Hair (2014)

Production Practicum & Theater 1087 Contracts

Theater 1087 Production Practicum is a required one-credit course for all theater majors. Students must enroll in this course each semester they are a theater major. Students entering as freshman will complete eight credits of Theater 1087.

This class meets weekly on Fridays and is structured to provide additional information on theater careers through guest speakers and special presentations.

Students are required to complete four production contracts in conjunction with Theater 1087. These contracts are backstage work and experiential learning in various areas of production. Some examples include light board operator, set construction, hairdresser, or assistant house manager. During the four semesters a student is completing a contract, the student must register for Theater 1087 Section 002. Information on contract sign-ups is disseminated via the student list-serv.

Entering freshman will participate in Freshman Seminar in tandem with Theater 1087 during the fall semester. Graduating seniors will participate in a capstone course Senior Seminar during their final spring semester. It is suggested that students do not fulfill a production contract during those semesters.

Theater 1087 is a graded course and a requirement for graduation in the degree of bachelor of arts with a theater major.


Each concentration has its own requirements. Please see the concentration pages for more information about requirements.

Theater Minor

A 20 credit-hour minor is available to undergraduate students in other departments and colleges.  The minor is intended to give some broad introduction in theater followed by a small amount of specialization.  A notation on the transcript will indicate successful completion of the minor.

Students electing the theater minor may apply up to six transfer credits toward the twenty required. Students must receive the permission of their advisor before starting in this program. Once the minor has been approved, students must follow the academic rules of the Department of Theater for all theater courses. 

Learn more about the requirements of a minor on the Undergraduate Bulletin.

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