SPRING REGISTRATION - Check out some of our TFMA classes!

SPRING REGISTRATION - Check out some of our TFMA classes!

Jun 18, 2020

Celebrating today (NOVEMBER 16) as the first day of priority registration for SPRING '21 -- we wanted to highlight a few of the amazing classes offered by TFMA! Looking for something to fit into your schedule? -- give this list a look! -- 

The Art of Acting
THTR 0825-015 22379 Fr 10a-12:50p
Sarah Doherty
The Art of Acting is a practical introductory course. It's designed to give students opportunities to implement the skills that actors foster, in order to create exciting and believable performances. You'll be surprised at what you can do!

The Art of Acting
THTR 31137  
M/W 1-2:20p
Hannah Gold
If you're craving a creative community, you've come to the right place! In the Art of Acting, you will learn about the craft of acting by performing (monologues, scenes and self-tapes), watching (filmed professional productions) and playing (games and improvisation exercises), all while supporting and developing an ensemble of peers.

Acting I 
THTR 11986
M/W, 9-10:50a 
Hannah Gold
Using Uta Hagen's Object Exercises, taped monologue work and weekly play readings (mock "first read throughs"), this course will give you the tools you need to approach scenework with confidence. Through these readings and monologues, you will learn how to transform into characters, as well as analyze scripts, employ given circumstances, objectives/obstacles, and listen and respond.

Directing for the Musical Stage
THTR 4134 - T/Th: 12:30 PM – 01:50 PM
Jason Aguirre
The focus of this class will be on advancing the student director's skill as pertains to the American Musical Theater repertoire and beyond. Students will also apply and enhance acquired skills in script analysis, concept work, working with actors, staging new works, and the unique challenges facing the American Musical Theater in the digital age. Pre-requisites: THTR 3301: Intro to Director's Art | Minimum Grade of C | May not be taken concurrently.

Dramatic Imagination 
THTR0805 - asynchronous
Matthew Miller 
Experience the world of Theatre, from page to stage, during Spring 2021 7B! Enjoy online performances and experience the rich local arts community of Philadelphia as well as performance pieces from around the world.  Use your imaginative capacities to deepen your experience. Expect to learn about the value of the arts, the basics of all elements of live productions, and the differences surrounding perception of the performing arts as compared to other forms of entertainment. 

This course fulfills the Arts (GA) requirement for students under GenEd and the Arts (AR) requirement for students under Core.

Dramatic Imagination: The Performing Arts in Society
THTR 2130 - MW 2-2:50p
MIchael Osinkski
Dramatic Imagination gives students a look at how (and why) theatre artists transform ideas from the page to the stage. In this fully virtual course with required meetings, we'll watch some Broadway-caliber productions, we'll meet a few local theatre artists, and we'll collaborate to create our own ideas for a fully realized production.

Introduction to Theater Process 
THTR 25685 - MWF 12:00-12:50p
or THTR 2468 - MWF 3:00-3:50p
Peter Schmitz
This class is full of drama - the good kind! An introductory course about how to read, watch, discuss, write and think about plays.  

Makeup Design
THTR 36551 - TH  9:30m-12:20pm
Marie Anne Chiment
Learn how to create characters on your own face from Zombies to animals, from skulls to old age, from beards to fantasy characters!

Queer Theater
THTR 3057  Tu/Th 2:00p-3:20p - Virtual, Synchronous 
Rachel Graf Evans
Is “Queer” what someone IS, what they DO, or a method through which something is CREATED, TRANSLATED, or TRANSFORMED? YES.  This course will be an examination of 20th/21st century LGBTQ+ dramatic works, authors, the etymology of identity, methods of creation and critique, the personal, the political, deviance, legacy, and what it means to be visible. 

Race on the Stage
THTR 0842 T/Th 12:30p-1:50p
Amina Robinson
This course takes a current topic driven look into the intersection of race, the theater, and our lives. Our space is BRAVE.

Theater Workshop (Estill Voice Class)
THTR 31309 T/Th 11a-12:20p
Diane Gaary
This course is about how the voice works, giving you practical and specific choices that you can use to build and control your voice with clear explanations and concrete exercises that help you access your vocal  health, power,  beauty,  and expressive options  for character voices and different singing styles.

Interdisciplinary Media Studio  
FMA 26819 - Th 9:30-1:20
Sarah Drury
This course offers a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment for experimenting with film language in various conceptual frameworks, including video art, installation, projection mapping, virtual and mixed reality media.  The course will have primarily online class meetings and optional in-person production sessions, where students can produce video and 360º footage in a green screen studio in small, physically-distanced crews, producing footage for their own projects, and for other students' projects as well. 

Digital Animation, Compositing, and Modeling
FMA 4451 - CRN: 11089
F 9:00am-12:50pm
Chaim Bianco
Learn ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS in the Spring of 2021. After Effects is a professional tool used to create title sequences, special effects, animation, and all kinds of kinetic creative projects. The class starts with the basics --  keyframes, layers, effects, rigging, color -- and then you'll do two big projects of your own design. No
experience necessary. No prerequisites necessary ! Chaim Bianco is the teacher. The course guide erroneously lists a prerequisite for web design, but it is NOT necessary for this class. Just email instructor at: bianco@temple.edu.

Making Documentaries
FMA 3246 - CRN: 11088
Th 5:30pm-8:50pm
Rea Tajiri
Given the constraints of physically distanced production, face coverings - we engage in the production of an 8-12 minute essay documentary short that has the option to incorporate various found media, archive, spoken word, and solo shooting techniques. To begin, we will be guided through research, story development, pre-visualizing, creative camera exercises, and then progress to shooting, evaluating, and editing.

Serial Writing
FMA 3342 - CRN 39674
M 5:30pm-8:50pm
Wendi Grantham
This is a writing workshop focusing on dramatic serial writing in which students learn to work in close collaboration with other class members. In preparation for the class, students will be required to read or view several dramatic serials as well as read several pilot scripts. The class itself will hear "pitches" for a serial, select one story, and then begin to develop it. The course is limited to BFA students with a concentration in Screenwriting.

Advanced Editing
FMA 3551 - CRN 11095
T/Th 9:50am-11:30am
Rachel S. Stewart
Screenings, discussions, critiques, and individual as well as collaborative workshop exercises build upon editing techniques and aesthetic concepts introduced in FMA 2551. Through projects, lectures and screenings students will be exposed to professional editing methods, approaches and techniques while completing individual projects in picture montage, sound design and digital effects.

Film and Video Sound
FMA 4243 - CRN 6563
W 5:30pm-8:50pm
Heather A. Bronge
Theory and practice of sound as it relates to film and video production location recording techniques, wild sound pick-up, Foley and sound effects, sound sweetening, scoring for film, and sound mixing for film.

International Cinema
FMA 4673 - CRN 19333
M 5:30pm-8:50pm
Zardosht Afshari
The course will survey and examine the various cultural determinants of international film forms through screenings, lectures, and readings. It will attempt to define the differences and similarities between mainstream Hollywood cinema and the range of international film forms from Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Women Film/Video Artists
FMA 4675 - CRN 43588
W 5:30pm-8:50pm
Elisabeth Subrin
This seminar will examine closely the work of women filmmakers and video artists and their dialogue with theories of gender representation. Working outside or against the currents of mainstream commercial practices, these media artists have taken up alternate cinematic forms, whether the independently produced feature film to experimental film and video art. Readings, screenings, and writing assignments will explore the historical, theoretical and aesthetic concerns that inform and respond to groundbreaking work by women such as Martha Rosler, Mira Nair, Trinh T. Minh-Ha, Chantal Akerman, Julie Dash, Claire Denis, Ngozi Onworah, Sadie Benning, Samira Makmalbaf, and Miranda July, among others.

These and so many more exciting TFMA Classes are available -- consider making room in your schedule! 

WANT TO ADD YOUR CLASS? Fill out this Form: https://forms.gle/5N2SyUsg7af9vLJZ9

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