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The Summer 2020 LA Study Away Program will be conducted online to comply with the university's mandate, and to ensure student health and safety.

Online classes are now open to ALL students, regardless of whether or not they were accepted into the summer program. NO APPLICATION REQUIRED.
Courses include:

  1. Hollywood Head Start - FMA 4440: 
    Los Angeles is the most prominent hub of entertainment industry jobs in the
    United States, and as such, it attracts aspiring professionals from all over the world. How can you make
    yourself stand out from the crowd in such a competitive environment? This course equips students from a
    range of majors with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to successfully launch their careers in LA.
    Whether your goal is to study, intern, or work in Los Angeles – or perhaps all three – this course will give you a valuable head start.
  2. Entertainment Industry Perspectives - FMA 3770/MSP 4890:
    the objective of this course is to expose students to a variety of career path options, professional skills, and career-building strategies specifically suited to the entertainment industry. Weekly visiting guests, all of whom are working professionals in various areas of the industry and at various stages in their working lives, will share with students first-hand knowledge about embarking upon and navigating entertainment industry careers. In addition, students will write weekly assignments, as well as a final paper, reflecting upon the information and advice they are learning from visiting lecturers and how that knowledge informs their career goals and plans.
  3. A Fresh Start: The Role of Reinvention in the History and Culture of Los Angeles - 
    FMA 3696/MSP 3196

    From the reality show The Hills to the series Bojack Horseman to the artist Raymond
    Pettibon's I Thought California Would Be Different to Paul Thomas Andersen's Boogie
    to Sandra Tsing Loh's 1990s essays, and more, this class will view documentaries
    and films—plus classic works of architecture, criticism, and literature—that present the
    city in parallel with its embrace of "beginning anew." Homework will emphasize reading
    texts from a multitude of disciplines that explore this California characteristic shared by
    transplants and immigrants alike. Weekly writing responses will be designed to improve
    students' overall writing skills and refine critical perspectives.

Questions should be directed towards your academic advisor or the LA Program Director

Alison Crouse:


The Fall 2020 LA Study Away Program is slated to run as scheduled. 



Zhihao Lin documents the experiences of students in the LA Study Away Program!

Temple University LA Study Away


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*Download the spring Study Away timeline here.

*Download the summer Study Away timeline here.

Fall 2020:

Application/Scholarship deadline: 
June 1st, 2020

Program dates:
Arrival: Saturday, August 22
Departure: Wednesday, December 9


What makes us special? 

We are Temple University's oldest program in Los Angeles. With close to two decades of experience, FMA's LA Study Away program has established itself as a significant and recognized presence in Hollywood. 

  • We offer year-round opportunities in fall, spring, and summer semesters
  • We have no course prerequisites
  • Our classes are taught by Temple faculty
    • Because we believe in the highest possible standard of education, all of our courses are taught by Temple faculty.
    • We specialize in small classes open only to students enrolled in our program. You will receive individual attention and mentoring as you navigate the intricate system of LA.
  • Temple alumni working in the entertainment industry provide current students with information, resources, and networking possibilities.

Become part of a close-knit professional group comprised of current students and alumni who work together in the entertainment industry.

LA Study Away offers students unique opportunities: 

  • Academic courses relevant to the Entertainment Industry
  • Professional experience and internship placements
    • As soon as you are accepted and commit to the program you will begin working with our experienced Internship Director who will help you prepare your cv, cover-letter and provide you with contacts and information about professional opportunities.
    • Internship placements include placements at major entertainment, film, TV, talent, PR or music companies.
  • Workshops in interpersonal negotiations for professional and personal settings
  • Accommodations in the heart of the entertainment industry.
    • Students are housed with other Temple students in the Oakwood Apartments, a full amenities housing complex complete with swimming pools, BBQ areas, tennis courts, work-out facilities, and a business center overlooking the Warner Brothers lot. 

LA Study Away is now in Hollywood!

The LA Study Away Program is now operating out of the historic Raleigh Studios. By relocating our entire program to a working Hollywood studio, students experience first-hand the mechanics of the film industry in action: sound stages, backlots, executive offices, and the like. This new environment better prepares students for building their careers within the entertainment industry. Classes and guest speaker events are held in state-of-the-art screening facilities, and our new location allows us to expand our curriculum to include studio based production classes. 

The Los Angeles Study Away Program provides students with direct learning insights and professional work experiences in the media and entertainment industries. This program exposes students to what the experience of living and working professionally in Los Angeles might be like. Internship opportunities span a broad spectrum including film, television, advertising, public relations, and entertainment management. Coursework includes Entertainment Industry Perspectives, a guest-lecture series frequently visited by recent Academy Award winner William Goldenberg.

FMA Study Away Office:
Annenberg Hall room 14F

2020 N. 13th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19122

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